Common questions we receive about our upcoming Metaverse.

01. What is the RFOX VALT?

Our upcoming RFOX VALT is a fully immersive discovery shopping and retail experience in that combines gaming elements to form its own standalone virtual metaverse.

02. How can I buy tokens and get involved in RFOX VALT?

You can buy $RFOX and $VFOX tokens and participate in the upcoming yield farm to receive $VFOX. $VFOX holders will receive a share of sales made in the Virtual Space, paid quarterly. Ultimately, you will be locking up both $VFOX and $RFOX. You will then receive a liquidity provider token (like a receipt). You will then put that token into a pool, and as a result, you will receive $VFOX as a reward.

03. What are the conversion rates for farming?

This will be based on a number per week. For example, in the first week, 5 million are released and that is divided equally amongst the pool based on the percentage of the pool you hold.

04. What if I don’t want to farm my VFOX tokens?

Farming is optional. There is also the option to stake your $RFOX tokens and be rewarded with $VFOX tokens if you choose to participate.

05. Where can I buy RFOX tokens?

$RFOX is available on the following exchanges, KuCoin, Bittrex, Gate.io, CoinSpot, Uniswap, Loopring, Liquid.

06. Does being on the Binance chain mean it will be available on Binance exchange soon?

No. However, RedFOX Labs is working towards listing with major exchanges.

07. After the VFOX farm and the land sales, what will be the utility of RFOX token?

Every single transaction inside RFOX VALT runs through $RFOX token in one way or another.

08. Will there be any impermanent loss risk when farming?


09. How will staking work with VFOX and RFOX tokens?

You will stake either $VFOX or $RFOX and receive $VFOX as a reward.

10. Why will staking RFOX only last for 5 months and not long-term like with some other tokens?

Because there are 21M $VFOX and we want all the $VFOX in circulation by the time the rewards for $VFOX holders get paid out. The rewards are a percentage of all transactions that go through RFOX VALT.

11. Can RFOX be used as collateral for loans while staking?

As far as loans are concerned, we have a number of projects that want to join us that are heavily involved in the DeFi space. Loans, collateral, and stablecoins are in the pipeline.

12. Will RedFOX Labs come out with their own wallet where staking and other utility is integrated?

There is no pressing need for us to have our own wallet.

13. How do you store the new VFOX tokens?

On Binance Smart Chain compatible wallets such as Trust Wallet or Metamask.

14. Will VFOX holders collect a ‘share’ of sales from RFOX VALT for as long as they hold it?

Yes. $VFOX holders will receive a percentage of all transaction volume. It will be based on the amount you hold at a certain date.

There will be additional bonuses allocated from land and shop sales.

15. At VFOX inception, can VFOX only be purchased with RFOX?

Yes. At first, it could only be purchased with $RFOX. Now we have RFOX-BNB liquidity pool that will allow hops through other tokens.

16. Can VFOX be utilized outside RFOX VALT?

At this stage, it will just be for receiving rewards but there is potential for additional utility in the future.

17. What currency or tokens will be used to purchase items inside RFOX VALT?

There will be multiple forms of payment methods including crypto, fiat, and credit cards. All transactions will run through $RFOX before they are settled via the payment method.

18. What are the estimates for fees/profits within RFOX VALT that will go to VFOX holders?

VFOX holders will receive a share of 2% of all auction proceeds, asset sales, and transactions. Some special sales may yield a higher amount. When RFOX VALT expands to other regions, $VFOX holders will also receive a percentage for those sales.

19. How often will dividends be paid out after purchases inside the virtual world commence?

Each quarter.

20. Under what circumstances will the volume of 100 plots be increased or decreased?

There will be 100 (of 120) plots for sale to the public. They will not be increased or decreased at the main level, but there will be local launches in each of the SEA countries. There may be the opportunity to increase at a local level for individual countries such as Indonesia, which have a larger population.

21. Will there be an explainer video for farming?

There will be explainer videos to cover all aspects of RFOX VALT.

22. Is it possible for bots to front-run this and raise the price of VFOX significantly?

We are implementing measures to reduce the impact on those front-running bots.

23. Why do we need two tokens?

This token allows us to pay some of the revenue to holders, burn some $RFOX and then also create an avenue to provide staking rewards to $RFOX holders in the form of $RFOX for an indefinite period of time. There is no other structure exactly like this and without $VFOX none of any of this would be possible.

24. With the shop shown in the RFOX VALT teaser, is this standard size? Was this RedFOX Labs HQ in the metaverse?

The RFOX VALT teaser reveals an early stage conceptual build of a potential office design for the RedFOX Labs team. Over the coming weeks, more details will be revealed on exact shop sizes and the city map will be released showing the location of the individual stores. We don't want to give away too much of the secret sauce quite yet but can say we are really excited about how everything is shaping up!

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