New Farm and Pools

What do I need to do to move my tokens to the NEW Pools?

Simply unstaked your tokens from the OLD Farm and Pools, and stake them to the NEW Farm and Pools.

Can I unstake my tokens from the OLD pools and stake them into the new pools before they start?

Yes, tokens can be staked in the NEW farm and pools before the start block so you can be ready to start earning rewards once it starts.

Are the NEW Pools and Farm on BSC?

Yes, any Farm or Pool that involves VFOX is on BSC.

Will there be Pools on Ethereum?

Yes, we are working on making RFOX FINANCE multi-chain and have plans to first deploy LP staking Pools on Ethereum. Starting with Uniswap RFOX/ETH Farm to reward Liquidity Providers.

Can I stake the same LP tokens in the NEW Farm?

Yes, simply unstake your LP tokens from the OLD farm and deposit them to the NEW farm.

Where did the VFOX for reward come from?

The VFOX has been purchased from the VFOX/RFOX liquidity pool using RFOX. The VFOX tokens have been sent to the staking contract and distributed to RFOX token holders as rewards for staking their RFOX.

Can I unstake at any time?

Yes, you are free to withdraw your tokens at any time. However, you'll only earn rewards when staking your tokens.

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